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Podcasts-the New Way to Self-Help

For the past couple of weeks, there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by without me listening to a podcast. As it gets closer and closer to move-in day, I’m constantly on the go. Trying to get work hours in, driving around spending time with people, and shopping for the year ahead. That being said, I love having something besides music to listen to that fulfills me as much as a book would! Something that I can take with me and implement in my day to day life. The ones I love listening to are more lifestyle/college based, where I can feel inspired by girls I relate to. They’re easily accessible on multiple platforms, give real and candid advice, and are a pure form of entertainment. If you’re in need of an hour-long pick me up, please take a look at my five favorite podcasts I’m loving right now!

Gals on the Go – Every Wednesday


This podcast is hosted by college and post-grad Youtubers Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan, where they discuss balancing being influencers while being full-time/entering the work force. Being into the content-creation scene, this is a great podcast to unwind to. I actually witnessed the birth of this podcast after watching them on their original platform, and see it as fun little extra tidbits of their life. They recently signed to PodcastOne, so it’s obvious that it’s gaining traction, and they also have an extremely active Facebook group! Hearing the good, bad, and funny experiences gives me something to relate to. If you’re looking for some light listening, this is my number one recommendation!

Some Notable Episodes; How to be Productive Over the SummerLife Isn’t Always Sunshine and RainbowsManaging it All in College

Thick and Thin- Sporadic Posting Schedule


The description of this podcast is exactly what it sounds like: the musings of a millennial in NYC. Katy Bellotte is a Loréal Paris Social Media and Digital Representative, and literally how I’m trying to be in my post-grad life. She is living it up in the Big Apple, telling us her advice about FOMO, change, and self-perspective. Her voice is legit so nice to listen to, and I always come away feeling better about having any emotion, ever. If you’re ever having doubts about yourself in regards to where you are in life, PLEASE listen.

Notable Episodes; FEAR OF MISSING OUTWhen things aren’t “right”The truth about being selfish

Optimal Living Daily – Daily Posting


OLD is the espresso shot version of podcasting. I’ve been trying to listen to their daily episodes as soon as I wake up. They usually run for around ten minutes each, which is great if your attention span is too short for an hour-long babble session. Justin Malik handpicks mind-opening excerpts from well-known blogs and relays them to us. If you’re getting into the general pick-me-up effects that podcasting can offer, this is it. 

Notable Episodes; What Are You Running From?Solving Nonexistent Problems2 Tips for Finding Meaning Where There is None

Kaylyn’s Coffee Talk- Roughly Middle Week Uploads


This podcast holds a special place in my heart. It brought me comfort in a really hard mental cloud I had at the end of 2018, and the comforting sounds for her intros and outros kept me coming back for more. She gives a more mindful version of what I needed to hear in my life at that moment, and truly got me out of a dark hole. From creating your own narrative, to annual episodes dedicated to paranormal activity, she’s the perfect mix of eclectic and constructive.

Notable Episodes; We Create Our NarrativeGetting Through Breakups and HeartbreakAm I Being Haunted?How to Stop Self-Sabotaging
These are four that I listen to religiously, but some others I like/want to get into are as follows:

Pretty Basic by Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz-Youtuber musings on living in LA and content creationThe Morning Toast– Pop culture discussionTed Talk Radio Hour– Exactly what you think it is. TED Talks in audio formGirls Gone Boss#girlboss mode. Hub for female empowerment and overcoming obstaclesStuff You Should KnowStupid GeniusOverheard at National GeographicThe Daily

Thank you for reading! I hope this list helps you begin your podcasting journey without a hitch. Let me know what your favorites are:)



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